Thursday, August 25, 2005

Under new management

The first thing one learns when one brings their new baby home is that there is a new boss in the house. Our new boss prefers nighttime to daytime and gives one high pitched squeal when his way is not being met. I think this is a brilliant use of voice, since its not counting to 3 which would waste time, also it conserves energy because it doesn't require an all out scream for his underlings to respond with food clean diaper or cuddles. We obey the squeal.

Today I'm being a little sneaky, trying to get the boss to like the daytime and stay awake during it and eat happily during it. Perhaps the night time will be one long break time and the boss will enjoy this.

Perhaps I should just deal with the reality that I am under new management.

mommy B


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations you guys. He is such a cutie!!
I remember those sleepless nights....don't worry, they will end....eventually. :)

5:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, Beautiful Baby!
Love Great Grammie Bev

9:05 PM  

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