Thursday, March 23, 2006

7 months old!

Yesterday I turned 7 months old.

I can do new fun things now that I'm so big...

I like pulling up...there are so many fun things you can get from a standing position,

Sorry, no pics of me pulled to standing yet. I haven't so much mastered standing without falling...ouch

I also like to stick out my tongue and blow raspberries..thanks dad for teaching me!

Posing in my studly outfit!

Ha ha! Life is getting better all the time!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're looking awfully grown up in these pictures, Brucie. Slow down! Grammy B

9:28 PM  
Blogger Simply Kaitlyn said...

Brucie- it's Auntie Kate! You look sooooooooooo familiar... oh- I recognize that head! I have two at home! I miss you so much! You are too cute- I tell everyone about your blueberry eyes! Love you xxoo

1:21 AM  

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