Tuesday, July 25, 2006

July in review

So we didn't blog much in July. Here's a recap.

Daddy and me on July 4th
Let us explain a july 4th parade in Aldan, PA:

People line the street (yeah pretty much just 1 street)
A police car drives in front. Then there is a basic rhythm. A band...

Cars of varying degrees of coolness- often representing the Aldan townwatch....oohhh ahhh

Another band (several bands belong to the mummers- old men in odd clothes....)

More cars. Repeat as warranted.

Then the big finish- 2 or 3 local fire trucks.
Then you eat good food daddy smokes. mmmmm
This years parade was lacking, even by Aldan's (low) standards.

Here I am at the Vineyard Conference in the Poconos. Not much to report.
Although I did get dipped into the pool. Ok, well, only my toes, but it was cool.

Other than that, I guess we have kept you up to date. Teething, clapping, an 11 month birthday. There you go. Now you're informed.


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