Friday, December 01, 2006


So I totally Love my cuz Alyssa . Here she is dancing with me to the Lobster.I get her to push me around on the scooter for like, hours. I make pouty faces if she wants to stop. I throw a FIT if the pouty faces don't work. But she still pushes me around alot so its cool.
Yesterday Logan came to visit us. It was cool.

Today mama worked the cousins hard. She made them do their homework, a Sunday school lesson for Sunday, and some stuff like that. It was soooo boring. I complained. Then Austin got to read Superman.
She got Alyssa to help her peel potatoes for our big meal tomorrow.
But mama made a fatal flaw. She put on Christmas tunes, and I had to dance, WITH Alyssa. No more peeling for her. She and I danced danced danced.
Then we had lunch and after lunch it was time for Advent calendars! I got one too, but was cranky and nappish so no pic of me.
mmmm Chocolatey advent goodness!


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