Friday, March 09, 2007

Plane ride

So I took a plane ride to my grandparents in NH last night. I was an angel, according to mama.

After we got through the harrowing security check where we had to take off our jackets, our shoes and stick everything into silly bins (including a baggie of my kiddie meds) we were chillin at the philly airport. We found ourselves some sweet tea (mama) and milk (me) at Chick fil a in the "mall" part of the airport. This was so mama could keep me busy walking around. She on the other hand, complained it was "too hot for a pregnant chick" in the airport.

I also got to eat an auntie annies cinnamon sugar pretzel mmmm. I made a new friend Brian who had a red sox hat like mine. He was a big kid and we played with matchbox cars together. He tried to teach me to say cars but he had a New England accent so he kept saying "cahs" and mama was cringing a little hee hee.

By the time we boarded, I was alittle wound. I thought it was entertaing to laugh at point at people as the crammed their overhead baggage in the high up spaces, even when they nearly injured other people by making stuff fall out. Mama tried to distract me from laughing about that. Lucky for me Brian sat behind us so I could play peek a boo with him, since mama wouldn't let me play bongos on the big bald head of the dude that sat directly in front of us. She's no fun, I was really gonna rock out.......I also serenaded people with my BATMAN song, (mama sings the part of the old theme song leading up to where I gleefully shout out BATMAN). It was good times.
I managed to nurse and sleep most of the trip. When we got here it was 5 degrees. Awesome.
There will pics of our adventures at some point. For now, just the update.



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