Monday, August 27, 2007

Birthday party take 2

So I had ANOTHER 2cd birthday party at my NH grandparents' house. My life is so awesome. You may notice it was still a red sox theme, hey we go with what's awesome, and that's the Sox! One downside was we picked the HOTTEST day of the year for a party. ick.

My guests, rockin their sox gear:
Aunt Mary

Uncle RJ

cousin lexi- she was smart, just wear a bathing suit ;)

Grammie and grampie eating in the screen tent

Cousin Randy and great great aunt Barbie

great grampa Hanson and great uncle Wendell

Hannah being pretty

cousin Nate

Cousin Joellen and Grammie. it was hot. really hot. did we mention it was hot?

men folk are cooking, in the heat. good call mom, way to plan an august bbq

Dude it was HOOOOOOTTTTTT. This cold water is refreshing

I entertained everyone with my tee ball skillz

Present time, I was officially spoiled.

I really wanted to put on my new baseball shirt (which I forgot I pulled off the clearance rack at target and asked mama for!)
BATMAN HAT! Awesome!

And again, I wanted to put on my other new shirt, while daddy was changing me I yelled "I have a fat belly" HA!!

DUDE, a rolling batman backpack. Lexi rocks!
Auntie Julie and her man got me some rockin' clothes

An ice cream cake, now THAT was a good idea mama

blow out the candle!

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Blogger Dan said...

Awesome cake. I want that cake.

11:05 AM  

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