Saturday, March 08, 2008

Potty time

So here I am modeling my helicopter piggy bankI painted it myself
Every time I go pee or poop on the potty I get "monies" in it so I go can (eventually) buy Thomas the train at Reny's. It's a big thrill
Hmm, the money is in here somewhere....
Mama's note: Brucie goes on the potty several times a day now. We're sort of starting with the montessori/"showing interest" method and then we'll switch over to a potty training week where we do it all the fun. In the meantime, we set him on there anytime he'll let us and we ask at various times of the day. He went from being totally against the big potty to being pretty good about it all the time. We started with lolipops bribes, but decided we didn't want to rot his teeth while teaching him to use a toilet....little things, little things.

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