Thursday, July 17, 2008

What a day! part 2

Picking berries. Mama couldn't drive by the sign twice, so on the way out of cape Elizabeth we stopped for strawberry picking.

check out these lovely strawberries. Not bad at all (quite tasty)

I insisted we go check on the big red ship to see if it was still docked. and it was. We hung out at Bug light park for about a half an hour before mom was too tired for any more outing. Wuss (during our picnic we saw, way out in the distance, the big blue oil tanker we watched the tugs bring in the other night, so I was curious if the red one that had been docked that same night also left for sea. mama thinks this is a different red ship, whatever, what does she know!)

vegging in front of my Thomas Movie post bath pre bedtime.

superman takes flight

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