Thursday, September 29, 2005

Thursdays adventure

It was a wonderful, overcast, fall day, so the intrepid explorers, Erika and Cora, Ashlie and Willow, Mama and Bruce, and special guest Gabriel Lazur, set off in strollers to the clifton deli.

Willow and Ashlie resting at the deli.

Gabriel chillin in the stroller.

After snacking and visiting, the explorers set out to walk home.
The lovely ladies posing for the camera, while Erika runs into the post office.

The three of us (since gabriel left us with his mother).
As soon as this picture was snapped, rain drops were felt by the mama and Ashlie, hmmm, we hope Erika is fast in the post office.

Then we began our journey home. And the rains came down
Here we are hiding in the tunnel under the train tracks waiting for the worst of it to pass. As you can see, my stroller is very handy for these situations, I was completely covered. Thanks auntie Spring!


And when it dies down we race walked all the way home!!


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I hear a rising cry from the vast crowd of onlookers saying.."more pictures, more stories, more pictures more stories.."

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