Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Christmas eve begins

On Christmas eve we went to visit with Grammies family. ALL of grammie's family. It was a little scary.

See Lexi's face- that is how we felt- WHOAH this place is full of crazy people!

I got to meet my great grammie. She was kind enough to let me scratch her face.

Here grammie is bouncing me in my special Christmas outfit. See my tie? I know I know, so stylish. This was post breakdown. I was having fun now.

Doesn't that look like a scary crowd! And mischeivious....

This is cousin Lexi and auntie Chrissy opening presents.

All right, rip the paper dad. ohhhh a train, sweet.

Here I am with great grammie and grandpa.
Overall it was quite a party. I stayed awake the WHOLE TIME so I wouldn't miss anything. hee hee. I got to meet lots of people and have a million more pictures taken, and this was just the beginning of Christmas!


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