Monday, March 27, 2006

Batman stunts

Dear daddy,
I turned my carseat into a batmobile today!!!!
I hadn't quite fallen asleep when mom put me in it this afternoon, but she kept me in there because I acted all chill and happy to play with the rings on the handle (very clever on my part!). While she sorted laundry, I reached up, grabbed the handle with both hands and started trying to stand-up, THEN the COOLEST thing happened, the seat rocked forward a little...I thought it was fun, I was going to see what else I could make it do, but mom immediately removed me! She's got no sense of adventure...
Later, she plopped me in the crib while she was in the ladies room, I pulled myself half way up to standing on the side rail and grinned joyfuly at her when she came back. She was amused, but glad she had removed my bat utilitybelt so I couldn't use any tools and escape.
your son,
Bruce wayne batman stevens


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to be the one to tell you this, Brucie, but it's a mom's job to spoil your fun when it's not safe. :)) Love, Gram B

10:38 PM  

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