Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My true feelings

Here I am totally busted after emailing Grammie my REAL birthday list...Dear Grammie, I know mama sent you a birthday list for me, filled with books and diapers and such, but I wanted you to know what I REALLY want for my first birthday:
my own usb cables
a tall lamp I can knock over without my parents freaking out
a pogo stick to bounce over gates blocking me from my favorite areas
my own chocolate stash (they never share!!!)
pretty extension cords I can play with without hearing NO!
my own laptop to open and close ENDLESSLY
my very own controllers for game cube that I can drool on

there, that's better. whoops gotta go, mama's coming


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't worry about a thing, Brucie, we got the list. Now to do some shopping,....hahahha Grammy and Grampy

8:51 PM  

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