Monday, December 04, 2006

My awesome weekend

Saturday was our big family meal since most of the Stevens clan was here. Austin was checking out the appetizers for us.

Mummi was very entertaining
Getting my ride on the scooter from auntie Kate
Papa and daddy and Alyssa went and got us a tree while the turkey cooked. Logan supervises them getting it into the stand.
Logan and I jam out.
Chillin in the livingroom, playing game cube and coloring.
I get pushed on the scooter by Logan....not quite sure I like that....
mmmm Turkey on the webber (and touched up in the oven since the wind was gusting and messing with the fire)
Auntie Stephanie shows Papa her carving skills.
Happy Thanksgiving-Merry Christmas...yippeee
Oh man, turkey and cranberry sauce and everything good. (like mashed potatoes)
Relaxing at the table
See, homemade ice cream!!!
It was an awesome day. Then Sunday we went to church and all ate more yummy food at auntie's house. This party never stops!


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