Monday, January 22, 2007

Dr's visit

So I visited the Dr today. I dislike him greatly, (though mama really likes him and says to trust her). Mom said she knows where she can take me to get peace and quiet since I hardly said a word the whole time the Dr was in the room (until he started the examination-then I CRIED).
In other news, I'm just shy of 24lbs, I'm 31 1/2 inches tall, and basically quite healthy. However, the big meenie gave me three shots. THREE. He usually only gives me two, which is bad enough, but he said today was an exception. GEE THANKS. Daddy told mama that I should get ice cream, but so far I've not recieved any. Though I did get to go to Chick-fil-a with Acony Bell and eat yummy food. So that's cool. I'm very sad this afternoon and need a lot of love, and tylenol.



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