Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My friend turned 4, yippee

Sunday afternoon we got to go to my friend Jacob's 4th birthday party. It was cool!

Here I am in the theme party get-up: cowboy hat, nice plaid shirt and cowboy jeans. I'm a stud :)
Jacob rides the pony in his cowboy gear

Jacob's sister Ruby and daddy Josh and crazy uncle Justin
The lovely Ellie and Ruby girls
As close as I wanted to come to the pony (after talking about it NON STOP for the ENTIRE DAY, when it came to it, I told daddy it was "too big" to ride)

My version of a pony ride

Dad and I being studly in plaid

the angsty cowboy
the lovely Kays in their cowboy get-ups

my lovely friend and the blue balloon, seriously you can't draw kids any cuter than this


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