Monday, September 08, 2008


The first day of school (even school at home) requires a good breakfast, raisin bran and applejuice and blueberries

mama's breakfast of champions, raisin bran w/ crunch berries and blueberries and go-juice

We start each day with calendar time. Mama thinks the way I say September is very cute...

little weather check- wow 2 sunny days in a row!

Wednesday, we read Chicka chicka Boom boom, (and listened to Ray Charles read it too) Then I got to paint a coconut tree like in the book

intent on my art (my terrible outline for him to fill in with paint was not a good starting place for artistic expression ;) )

Ta-da the finished tree!

playing a game to practice my colors and shapes

So far, I really like doing school. I can't wait to do more stuff this week!

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Blogger Mits said...

You have a different spirit to do your work. I wish you that you will get anything that you want to need.


8:36 AM  

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