Friday, August 26, 2005

Bye Grammy

Dear Grammy: I think we take good pictures together, don't you? Sorry I took so long to arrive after you got here, but I think we got along fine once I came out. Thanks for all your help, especially kintting me booties so my toes aren't cold and for teaching mom and dad how to bundle me, (man were they lacking skills). Thank you for cuddling me and holding me. Wasn't thrilled with the diaper changes or making me wake up to eat, but mom says it was important, so thanks for that too. Mom says you knitted me lots of cool stuff, and I'm excited to test it out. I'm so adorable I'm sure you'll get lots of pictures, and I'll squeal if mom doesn't remember to update my blog. Thanks again grammy for coming to love me. Kisses and snuggles, your best grandson, Bruce.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Bruce, I am already missing you. Your cousin, Alexia, met me at the airport with Grampie to cheer me up. I miss you already. Keep squealing at mom and dad!!! You will get them trained right eventually. Love, Grammie

9:36 PM  

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