Thursday, September 08, 2005

Big outing

So mama took me on my first outing without dad. This was quite an adventure for only going 5 minutes down the road to the Produce junction. I was napping peacefully in my sling, so she carried the car seat out and put it in the car, then she transferred me over. Here I am in the sling- still sleeping before the transfer:

Then she put me in the car seat, and decided to mount the mirror that lets her see how I am doing via the rear view mirror. That was hilarious. I think it took 10 minutes to be unsuccessful, it flopped over when she started the car, we hadn't even moved!! Then she fixed it again, and it flopped over a block from home. At the atm she fixed it again. At the produce junction, she put me back in the sling. I kept sleeping. We got our fruit and then returned to the car. She put me back in the car seat- still sleeping. We drove home (the mirror finally stayed). Then she put me back in the sling. Erika came over and helped carry in the fruit. And I slept.

all in all a great trip, I think.....


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