Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Life according to Bruce

1. Sleep is of utmost importance. I even sleep when I nurse, so as to not waste valuable time doing just one or the other.

2. Pee and poo do not belong in the same diaper. I am a poop artiste. Once daddy has changed my pee diaper and walked back downstairs, I use my clean canvas to paint. This is especially amusing becasue then dad has to walk back upstairs and change me again. It is also fun to do to mom early in the morning when she is trying to change me fast so I might fall back to sleep. Fat chance mom.

3. When I am angry about being changed, I like to pee all over the place. Neither parent is good at covering me while they work, so I have sprayed on several occassions. This makes me feel better. And eventually they'll learn to cover all their bases when I'm on that changing table.

4. Sleep is important. None of this waking every 2 hours in the night business. I like a good 4-6 hour nap at nighttime. Even if this requires more waking during the day for eating. But no problem, I sleep while I eat.

5. In order to convince mother that I am STARVING, I must put both fists in my mouth and suck loudly. This accompanied with my famous paradactyl screech usually illicits a quick response. If I am awake enough, I add pleading eyes, licking my lips, and opening my mouth and latching on to anything near me. learn a lot of interesting things that way....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds as though you are training your parents very nicely. Nice touch, letting them sleep a bit at night. Takes the edge off, and they still think you're cute when you DO get up at 2:00 AM. Gram B

10:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This makes for the best baby book ever! Thanks for sharing with us!
Love, Auntie Spring

9:55 PM  

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