Saturday, August 27, 2005

Exceptional baby

After dozing on and off, between feedings, from 11:30 to 2ish, Bruce decided it was awake time. No problem, that was daddy shift anyway. Then our little exceptional bundle of joy, snacked and fell back to sleep near the 4am mark, and let us sleep in to 9am, yes you read it correctly, 9am. You'd think Luke and I had 12 hours of sleep or something the way we were acting this morning. Also, he is totally chill baby. Has decided diaper changes are no big deal as long as he can eat his fist or look longinly (ok try to eat) his stuffed giraffe/anteater toy. yeah, it has giraffe colorings, but is low to the ground and the nose is longish. Anyway, reveling in the joys of parenting the most adorable child ever. ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, he is really settling in to a nice little schedule. Way to go, Bruce! Grammie B

12:04 AM  

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