Friday, January 06, 2006

Chutes family restaurant

Let me tell you about a place called Chutes...ahh the smells, the tastes, everythinhg is so good, it made me want to eat so bad I yomped on daddy's finger!

This is my great grammie and grandpa Chute, they started this breakfast and lunch restaurant in 1977.

Now Mummi and Papa run it- well for over 20 years they've run it...

So now great grammie can just come in, relax and visit with family

and great grandpa can come in relax and crack jokes (although he still does alot of the baking, nothing but the best homemade Chute bread..mmm chute english muffins...mmmmm)

I helped Mummi hostess, being so cute and all. This is her work denim, in some circles known as "the Mummi dress"

Papa in his chef's outfit.

So while we visited this yummy place 4 or so times while in Maine, and I had to watch haddock sandwiches, seafood chowder (with LOBSTER) egg nates, lobster omeletes and finnish french toast all get consumed near me, all I got was this lousy baby plug. The humanity!!


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