Saturday, April 08, 2006


Friday mama took me visiting to all the places she worked last year. We left the house at 8:15 went to Ascension of our Lord School, then to St Hugh School, then to CORA services, the office building. I got a cool visitors pass at CORA, it was yummy.

This is mom's friend Maureen. We were hanging in the bosses' office while they were out.

This is mom's friend Kristen, she's fun, she let me play high five and peek a boo.

We're playing with my froggy here....

Here I am chewing on miss Nancy's funny sign, it was my first spelling lesson.

We left CORA around 2. Mama was very proud of me! I didn't have any freak outs, and I only had a 35 minute nap in the afternoon. Mostly I just met adoring teachers and big kids, smiled alot, hugged and kissed mama cutely and ate alot of snacks!!


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