Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Day 3 in NH

Time for sunday breakfast. Lexi and I entertain each other while its cooking.
Posing with auntie

Uncle Rj entertains himself, demonstrating his artistic talent.....
Geez grampie, I didn't get any bacon. oh well, bonding is fun anyway!!

We all got dressed up and went to great grandpas funeral. That was sad and happy. Grampie told some funny stories, so now Lexi and I have LOTS of ammunition, we'll NEVER get in trouble at grampies after this!

Here's Lori. Mama was in her wedding as a flower girl.

This is my great great and also great great great Aunt Barbie
Nevermind, its confusing. Let's just call them grammie Barbie and grandpa wendell instead!
This is my great grandma Bev, that ones a little easier to figure out!


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