Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Day in the life

So I went to the Dr's today for a belated 12 month checkup. I am happy to report that I am 20.3 lbs and 29 1/3 inches. I am UNHAPPY to report that I got TWO SHOTS. One for MMR, and the other for Chicken pox. Just plain mean. I didn't speak to the dr the whole time until I started screaming and yelling at him. To top it off mommy took me to Babies R Us. Gee thanks. I slept through the first bit, but then I woke up to peruse pj's. Never thought buying pj's would be so complicated, but it took forever. Also, I'm teething (the Dr said I'm getting a whole bunch of teeth up top really soon) and did I mention I got TWO SHOTS. I did get the lovely snack cup you see pictured above. Mama put my trader joes cookies in there and I was happy since I could get them out by myself and she was happy because I couldn't dump them all out. Throw them 1 at a time, but not dump them. I guess that Babies R Us is good for something!


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