Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Presents and fire and cake, OH MY!

I love wrapping paper, its so fun
Logan, you got me a Batman cup! sooo AWESOME
A care bear! sleepytime! ahhh

I love it auntie Steph

Willow got me this rockin' school bus! It makes noises and has fun little people in it

A neato card from Kris and Dave, they also got me super-cool overalls, but I wasn't in a picture friendly mood momentarily after I opened them.
Oh, thanks mom and dad, I always wanted one of these star stackers! (my favorite toy at Logan's house)

Sweet, a red box for drumming!
OH! Its filled with books, sweeeeet!

Whoa, that cake has fire on it!
Gimmie some sweet frosting

Please daddy, feed me!

mmm sweet success! it doesn't even taste healthy!

That was one great party! Thanks everyone!


Blogger Leslie said...

Happy 1st Birthday Bruce!!! It looks like you got some great gifts... :O) The School Bus was my personal favorite!

4:11 PM  
Blogger Angela said...

Happy birthday

3:26 AM  

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