Monday, September 18, 2006

Modeling in my Bum Genius

Here I am, posing on my Mummi quilt in my fantastic diaper. Bum Genius, in grasshopper green on the second snap setting.Bum genius are so named, because, they are a GENIUS design. It has velcro (easier to get on a squirming toddler), and nice elastic that doesn't leave marks on my chubby thighs. And of course a nice cottony inside so my bum is bathed in soft cotton.
They are great for being active, and will last me until I am potty trained because they have different snap settings to adjust as I grow. Whenever I get a sibling they can also wear the diaper from birth. As you can see, I also look fantastic in them, which is of couse, is my main concern.
Bum genius can be purchased at Cotton babies.
Mama hearitly endorses their products and says they are high in customer service (not my realm of expertise so I take her word for it.) In the meantime I'll just toddle around looking sleek and slim in my dipes. I recommend the other colors too. We've already talked two of my friends into them, come on, join the crowd, everybody's wearing them!


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