Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Fun in the "snow"

It was flurrying this morning when we woke up so mama got me dressed for a nor-easter, I mean outdoors.

Ta-da! Thanks to the grandparents for buying me this stylin jacket,snowpants and boots a few weekends ago.

Its a little tricky walking in the boots. Although they light up, so thats cool, I use them for toys indoors.

Ok, maybe its QUITE a bit tricky walking in these boots.

Ah, the sun, the small amount of snow and stomping in my boots, joy!
We did spend more time getting dressed than outdoors, but there isn't enough snow to do any playing in and I got tired of falling. Still it was fun.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe it will be easier to walk in the snow when there is some!!! You look great in the suit. Love, Gram B

9:26 PM  

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