Friday, March 23, 2007

Being awesome

Here I am playing (as near as our moms could tell) house with Willow. We were in the "kitchen" area, putting the puzzle together when I picked up her phone for her and passed it to her, and then she proceeded to chat on it for a bit. I put it away when she was done. Ours moms seemed to think this was ADORABLE.My new pastime- fort building. Ever since the snow tunnel in NH, and with dad's expert teaching, I have LOVED to build forts. I get that dark red blanket and give it to one of my parents (usually daddy) and it means- "lets build a fort". Also, the red ikea tent and auntie-Spring made pillows are vital building materials.
I crawl in and out of it and laugh hysterically.
Oh man, peek a boo in a fort I built with a parent is so awesome. I could play for HOURS.
And here I am looking studly in my business casual attire, a classic pooh sport jacket, a polo long sleeve button up and some carpenter jeans. Even my new haircut (from mummi) is studly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brucie, grammy's livingroom and kitchen used to be great fort building spaces! Mommy has had lots of practice. Love Gram B

6:24 PM  

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