Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Fryeburg Fair-the rides

my first ride at the fair, driving a car woo hoo

ringing the bell on the firetruck
went on the bear tilt a whirl thingy with mama. I did NOT like the tilting, so mama was repeatedly instructed to not turn the wheel,

dad and I took in the sights on the kiddie ferris wheel

the merry go round. I went again with mama later
flying high

the roller coaster with cousin Phoebe

I did NOT enjoy this ride, but was kept from freaking out by the nearness of my cuz'. too much roller coaster not enough train for me!

up with daddy to the top of the giant slide

Woo-hoo that is an awesome slide
anyway, I loved most of the rides and have refused to take the special bracelet they gave me to ride all rides all day.

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