Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Linvilla Orchards family style

Mummi,Papa,auntie Steph and Uncle John and mama took Logan and I to Linvilla yesterday. When we got there we ate yummy food then we went visiting the animals.

Here is the baby goat. I loved the baby goat! I even got to feed him!Here I am feeding the deer. It had lots of slobber but I thought it was funny.

Logan and I were amazed! I got to feed the deer twice! As usual the parents were freaking out and taking a zillion pics.
Hmmm, how tall am I?
Ha ha, oink oink.
Papa is trying to entertain me with my new pinwheel, but I was being ornery. I only wanted mama to carry me.

Man, this pumpkin is big!

Eventually we actually went apple picking. That was the minor part compared to animals and food and pumpkin land. Uncle John had some mad apple picker skills
Mama says I don't feel so light in this thing. I don't know what she means.
Mummi and papa scouting the best trees for us!


Blogger Mick W said...

Linvilla is the best place ever for little kids. Hope you had fun Bruce!

2:05 AM  

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