Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dr King

Here's a nice pic of me taken around valentines day. Aren't I cute...
Today was my last visit with Dr King. I was not sad about this at all as I detest doctor visits, but I digress. I gained a little weight, am up to 24 lbs 10ozs. I'm also 32 2/3 inches tall. So I'm average or a little below in those categories, although mom says in all others ways I am certainly above average ;)

I got two shots, that was awful, but mom says polio and stuff is way worse, so she made me get them. But then she took me to starbucks and bought me an odwalla smoothie, (mango tango my favorite) so I forgave her.
Anyway, now that I am nearly 20 months old I have some pretty kickin' language skills. Words I say:
Da da
ba ba/mama but mostly baba, she knows what I mean
uh-oh (I think this is HILARIOUS, esp after I throw things)
yeah, (which I use pretty correctly for yes) I say this,
backpack, BATMAN, thank-you (ok more like tank-u but the right syllables and intonation) and most recently more and baby. On some occasions I say "I did it" which is pretty cute. I basically will try to say anything my parents say, which is generally a good thing. I'm into mimicking words and sounds.
I'm also learning more signs, I can do change (for change my diaper you slacker parents) sorry, and potty. I also babble A LOT, telling mama all kinds of stories all day long. I have some teeth coming in, up to 11 out of 20. Sigh thats a lot of teeth to come in. Also I have a little cold, but the Dr says otherwise I'm pretty healthy. Watch out Maine, I'm bringing my cuteness this weekend!

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