Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fun times

Tonight I got to talk to daddy on the computer. We played harmonica together and peek a boo off and on camera, it was awesome! When it was time to go I tried to kiss his face on the screen. ahhhhh. Later I was trying to figure out how to find him on the computer ;)After dinner dark chocolate with Mummi. mmmm
Raking with mummi, its my turn with the rake!
Ha ha, this is fun!
Back out to help some more, this was a different rake so I had to try it out as well.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bruce, thanks for sharing with us how things are going. It's great to see that you're having fun up there in Maine. And what a great pose while taking your juice break. I think you could sell sippy cups. You should tell your mom to submit this photo and see if you could become the newest salesman of sippy cups.

10:56 AM  

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