Thursday, April 19, 2007


Mama took me for a walk to the post office, and there was a playground right next to it! I got to swing! Oh man, it was awesome!This is WAY better than that yucky playground near the house in Aldan (I mean the last two weeks I lived there the playground had been plowed under, so the fact that this one EXISTS is an improvement). Checkout the dinosaur climbing thingy.
WITH A SLIDE! Heaven. I tell you, I hope we walk to the post office alot!

Its a pretty big playground and unlike back in PA there were actually other children at the playground too. I only gave mom like 5 or so mini heartattacks, I think daddy might be a better playground buddy. On the other hand I did almost take a header off the little suspension bridge thingy when I thought it would be funny to run AWAY from mom. She nearly died. After that I wanted to walk home anyway. I got to see the lake, its half unfrozen and very awesome. Sorry there aren't more pics, mama forgot her camera and had to use the phone.

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