Monday, April 16, 2007

New Home

We arrived in maine late late saturday. Mom keep saying we are going to live here for a while but I dont know what she is talking about. This is where Mummi and Papa live. Daddy arrived last night in the really really big yellow truck. It snowed yesterday, but today its raining, alot. Mama says we are unloading the big truck today, but so far I see no action on that front.

I'm already enjoying being spoiled by grandparents. Grammie drove with us from PA to ME. It was a loooooong ride, but I was really patient. I only burst into tears once, and then we stopped for yummy food, then I was an angel again for the last 3 or so hours, which basically meant I slept alot. Grammie played with me and spoiled me. Then I got to mummi and Papa's and they spoil me and play with me too.

I'm pretty fragile, all these long drives and being in a new place and having things in boxes. I was very confused in PA, and now things are a little hairy here. But there is good food and good company, so I will survive.

I'll keep you in the loop...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bruce, if you get too lonely for your friends, Elizabeth is just a 3 hour hitch-hike up I-95 away from you! :)

7:13 PM  
Blogger Simply Kaitlyn said...

Brucie- it's Auntie Kate. You are sleeping in my old room and playing at the playground at the school I used to go to. When I first moved to Maine when I was little, I didn't know if I liked it. But, I soon got comfort from being with Mummi and Papa there because there's something about being around them that makes everything okay. Write to me and tell me how you're doing. We'll come and visit around July 16th. Love you bunches, Auntie Kate.

PS= did you bring your plunger? I wouldn't trust the one in Mumi's bathroom. (hee hee)

2:23 AM  

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