Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Stroller

So in preparation for the baby in mama's belly making his/her appearance we received an awesome new stroller.

How many people does it take to put it together? A papa to pump air into the tires....
Hmmm, two men to play with wrenches and such for the brake...

and of course, two supervisors and a photographer (mama was taking pics)
Sweet, baby and I are ready for our first walk.

This is a baby doll mama and Mummi have been getting me to play with to help me prepare for a live baby. I don't entirely get it, but I like to put her in the family cradle and rock her (very high in the air), take her for rides on my scooter and harley (where she often falls off and smacks her head) take her in the car with me, in the stroller, and also throw her across the table and break salt and pepper shakers (she's an excellent bowling ball). All this disturbs daddy (who says he's not sure I should be playing with a doll) and mama (who has visions of me replicating these events with a live baby) but Mummi assures us its good practice. I love the baby doll. She likes milk and juice and to be tucked into the cradle. I will be a most excellent big brother, although perhaps a little rough at first....

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Blogger Simply Kaitlyn said...

Dear Little Brucie- what a good brother you are. That little baby was mine when I was little. Smell her head- it smells like cake. Squeeze her belly and she has angel cake breath. (you probably already know this) When I saw this picture, God filled my heart with warm fuzzies all over. Take good care of my little Angel. Oh yeah, cool shades too. You're pretty cool, you know.
Love, Auntie Kate. See you soon!

11:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know that you will be a wonderful big brother! That baby doll is such good practice. Nice shades. :) Love Gram B

9:59 PM  

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