Tuesday, May 01, 2007

spring bliss

Got to have a bath. Mom said I was pretty rank (she also called me a little pee machine, geez) plus I was having a lot of fun playing outside today so I was pretty dirty. Pulling my harley over so I can ride it and watch the red sox game
ahhh the freedom of riding in your undies (or diaper in this case)
rocking in Mummi's room....
I'm totally into "I do it". Feed myself everything I can, with a spoon, of course. Mama is learning to be patient. Especially since I am so cute when I say spoon (s-oon). Really enjoying the routine here, and I get frustrated if mama doesn't keep it straight. I get apple at tea time, a bite of dark chocolate immediately after dinner, some ice cream later and pop pop (what I call popcorn) right before bed with mummi and papa. This is seriously the good life.

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