Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The good life

This is a brief overview of my awesome vacation to NH/ME earlier this month.

Auntie Julie and cousin Lexi at the Deerfield fairGrampie carrying Lexi as we walk around
Back at grammie's house, she's holding my other Bassett cousin, Hannah Kate
We did alot of other things, but you get the idea...

Meanwhile in Maine...

I learned to candlepin bowl. I loved it!!

Auntie Spring keeping my busy while mama Bowls
The crew- Levi, uncle Rich Mummi and Molly
Phoebe too! (Papa came also, but apparently we slacked getting a pic of him)
One day we went to the fryeburg fair. It was fun, good music, yummy food, and I got to pet and feed animals at Old McDonalds farm. It was awesome! This black goat was my best buddy!
Got to meet Helena Dorthy in person, although my slacker mom got no pics of us together. Sigh.

Took a cruise on Brandy pond, all aboard!

MMM, Moxie (mama having a mild heartattack) This is just a little of the food I got to eat on vacation. I was spoiled. Its been a let down since I got home.

So that was the short version, blogger is being too finicky to bother with more, you get the idea. Also, mama would like to note that Brandy pond is bigger and prettier than most of the pathetic excuses for "lakes" PA has to offer. Fall in New England is the good life!


Blogger Simply Kaitlyn said...

wow- what a gift! Thanks for these pix! Miss those kids too. Hopefully will see you soon! love, K

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