Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Cookout again

Mummi and Erika testing the peach juice.

MMM Maine Lobster.

Erika and Cora hanging out

So much fun, now I need sleep. Papa takes care of me.


Having a big cookout with friends

While we waited for food Uncle John introduces Logan to Batman.

here I am sporting my red sox outfit- GO SOX!

Auntie Steph and the cuz'

Our friend Cora, being held by Rachel.

Rachel's hubby Mark cooking flank steaks with daddy.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

New Experience

After three weeks of telling me I can't get any milk out of him, daddy confounded me at the orchards today by somehow getting me mama milk. I'm not believing him anymore.


We went to Linvilla orchards today, to pick apples peaches and raspberries.
Here is Papa, mama and I on the hay ride to the apple trees.

Daddy and mummi on the other side of the stylin hay ride truck.

Walking through the beautiful apple trees. Mummi is practicing her African woman skills, carrying fruit on her head.

MMMM, yummy peaches. Filled me up and put me to sleep. ;)

Hanging with mummi and papa in the shade.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

papa and mummi visit

Today daddy's parents came to visit. We call them mummi and papa.

This is Papa, his name is Bruce Wayne Stevens too. I think he was named after me. Thats pretty cool.

This is Mummi (pronounced moo-me) She is very comfy.

This is daddy and Papa serenading us. It was very relaxing.

Here I am snoozing on Mummi some more, relaxed by the music and the company.