Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday full of fun

Mummi laid out the front of the baby's quilt, I can't resist test driving the quilts when she lays them out. Even though they told me it wasn't for me, I just HAD to sit on it. And then I needed to have a pillow and lay on it. Just test driving it is all!
Afternoon apple break, oh how I love thee. (I can even get pretty close to saying apple)
Cousins came over and we did a big dairy bar walk. Mummi helps the girls decide.
Group shot!
Mama was sharing her's too slowly so Papa sent his over for me to eat..mmmm
Auntie Spring and uncle rich (I'm really starting to get used to them, they're cool)
Papa had bought the ice cream, then we tried to get him to buy a boat. Phoebe and Levi scope it out
I'm driving!
Back home, time to give Papa a backrub, after all he pushed me in the stroller.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Chillin in Maine

My cool cowboy pj's. Pretty fun.Just being adorable in my sandals and shorts outfit.
Giving Mummi a backrub. I like to give backrubs.
and neckrubs too!

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Grandparents and motorcycles

My grampie and grammie Bassett came to visit today. Grampie brought me my motorcycle. Here I am admiring my sweet ride with da da and Grampie (did I mention dada is with us, its makes me SOOO HAPPY)
Playing ball with Grammie
Got some awesome batman sunglasses from Gram and gramps, for safety when I drive the bike
What's this button do?
It's a sweeeeeeet ride! A little large for me, but I'll adjust ;)

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