Friday, March 23, 2007

Being awesome

Here I am playing (as near as our moms could tell) house with Willow. We were in the "kitchen" area, putting the puzzle together when I picked up her phone for her and passed it to her, and then she proceeded to chat on it for a bit. I put it away when she was done. Ours moms seemed to think this was ADORABLE.My new pastime- fort building. Ever since the snow tunnel in NH, and with dad's expert teaching, I have LOVED to build forts. I get that dark red blanket and give it to one of my parents (usually daddy) and it means- "lets build a fort". Also, the red ikea tent and auntie-Spring made pillows are vital building materials.
I crawl in and out of it and laugh hysterically.
Oh man, peek a boo in a fort I built with a parent is so awesome. I could play for HOURS.
And here I am looking studly in my business casual attire, a classic pooh sport jacket, a polo long sleeve button up and some carpenter jeans. Even my new haircut (from mummi) is studly.

Monday, March 19, 2007


So mama was buying herself a DD card with her monthly coffee money, and lo and behold, just for being SO ADORBALE, the nice lady gave me these munchkins. Ha ha, I get lots of stuff this way. MMMM glazed goodness.

Relaxing night

Ahh a nice sunday evening, I'm chillin in my dipe eating an apple and watching daddy play gamecubeMmmm so good
Then of course I wanted to "play" too.
Ahhh my awesome bed. I have spiderman sheets and my mummi quilt, because who can sleep without their mummi quilt??
I fell in love with the bed at ikea and daddy bought it for me and set it up while I was in NH and ME. He also bought me the awesome sheets. I LOVE MY BED! I prefer it to mom and dad's now (enter loud YIPEEE from parents).
Since last tuesday I've slept in it every night with the exception of friday night, owing to the fact that I have a cold and at least two teeth coming in and I was very sad that night and had a hard time sleeping at all. And last night I spent a little time in mom and dad's bed, but I had breathing problems again and just needed some parental love. Once I was asleep again, daddy put me back in my bed. I even nap in it. Its so nice. And mommy or daddy can lay down with me to help me fall asleep, so that makes it the best deal ever.