Thursday, March 29, 2007

mmm cocoa puffs

Today we had a farewell luncheon with the Lanfords. They are moving to Oregon. We're all fleeing Philly...
We ate at Cereality .
Pictured above is daddy's Devil made me do it combo, with cocoa puffs, malt balls, and lots of other good stuff.

This is mommy's. IT had oatmeal and bananas and strawberries....and nutella and three kinds of chocolate chips. hee hee
I elected to eat lots of daddy's, as is my M.O. I pretty much prefer anything daddy is eating when he is around.
Although I did share some of mom's yummy, made with fruit, and fruit loops

Oh this is chocolate heaven.
This is Martin, he;s eating his healthy apple
Acony trying to bite off more than she can chew.....
Martin's parents and auntie joined us as well.
Big picture. We'll miss the Landfords. But at least we;re all moving at the same time. Plus they are moving to a cool place so I'm sure we'll visit.

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Art Museum

So Sunday my Philistine parents finally visited the Philly art museum after living in and near philly for 6 years!

Jay, Becky and Acony came with us. We went to church with them in the city, then ate a picnic lunch then hit the art museum.

The museum was not impressed by my backpack carrier so we borrowed a stroller instead
Acony took a turn too! She really liked it.

Pretty awesome view from insideJay made sure I got to see some things that were awesome :) like armor

Since you couldn't use flash inside it was hard to get good pics, so that will have to suffice. But now I am a little more cultured!