Saturday, January 14, 2006


Lets watch some football!

Pre-game warm ups-toe touches

Got to be ready to win!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Big excitement!

First of all, I'm adorable, especially in this elf outfit.

I'm also pretty healthy. according to my Dr's visit yesterday, I'm now 14 lbs 15 ozs and 26 1/3 inches long! The dr said we could start a new phase of life:


OHHHH A spoon of my very own! I was VERY hungry when my new adventure started.

Posing for my adoring fans

MMMM What's this? runny mushy stuff....forget my spoon, mom has something interesting on hers!

Dad, check it out, I'm eating!!!!!

After a short time I realized this was yummy and would yelp if mama took too long filling the spoon. I also starting diving for the spoon to get it early!

Baby cereal, my new friend!

There are no pictures of me pitching a fit after the measley 2ish tablespoons of cereal were gone, or of my parents mocking the old wives tales about babies who sleep longer as soon as they start cereal.....(liars!!)

The last of the Maine vacation

Here I am visiting with "crazy uncle Aaron" and his lovely wife Jenny

Dad is busy warping the young minds of their girls

While we were at mummi and papa's, lots of fun music got played and sung

Then for new years eve, we went out to eat

mmmmm yummy

Here I am getting in some last fun with Papa

Then we drove off into the dark, and arrived safely home- to cold...but we already told you about that!