Friday, December 01, 2006


So I totally Love my cuz Alyssa . Here she is dancing with me to the Lobster.I get her to push me around on the scooter for like, hours. I make pouty faces if she wants to stop. I throw a FIT if the pouty faces don't work. But she still pushes me around alot so its cool.
Yesterday Logan came to visit us. It was cool.

Today mama worked the cousins hard. She made them do their homework, a Sunday school lesson for Sunday, and some stuff like that. It was soooo boring. I complained. Then Austin got to read Superman.
She got Alyssa to help her peel potatoes for our big meal tomorrow.
But mama made a fatal flaw. She put on Christmas tunes, and I had to dance, WITH Alyssa. No more peeling for her. She and I danced danced danced.
Then we had lunch and after lunch it was time for Advent calendars! I got one too, but was cranky and nappish so no pic of me.
mmmm Chocolatey advent goodness!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Big adventures

Just as promised the travellers arrived yesterday! Posing at the steps for our house. It was my cousins first visit here!Alyssa and Austin helped mama make pizzas for dinner...I mostly ate, and ate and ate while they worked!
Then I showed everyone how to dance with the lobster. A very important skill to have at my house.
Jammed out on the uke with daddy-o

And kissed the cute kid who lives in the brass around the fireplace.

I'm totally already spoiled by my cousin Alyssa and auntie Kate especially. We'll be posting our adventures as we go.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Busy,busy, dreadfully busy

Look I'm drinking all by myself! A juice box mmmmmm. Mama captured it on her camera phone!

Today my auntie Kate and cousins Alyssa and Austin arrive from California. We'll be picking them up at the airport. This has been a hectic week of cleaning, and running a gazillion errands. Yesterday mama bribed me with Mcdonalds french fries and chicken nuggets and my very first juice box!!! to get through 4 grocery stores, starbucks, the bank the gas station and the post office. It worked too, I was a little angel. She even said so. I only fussed once then I took a long nap when we got home.
I rock.
Stay tuned for adventures with cousins!