Friday, May 30, 2008

Sea Dogs!

Last saturday we went to see a Sea dogs game as part of mama's Mother's Day present.

I like going to baseball games. I drank soda, had french fries and a Sea Dogs Biscuit (Shains of Maine Ice Cream cookie)Dad got me this cool sea dogs bat
mama and I goofing off
chillin with daddy. The sea dogs won the game which was cool.


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Spidey and me

I got Spidey a year ago today from grammie and grandpa as a big brother gift. I LOVE him.

This weekend I got the batman hat and the batman fishing pole too. I think they are awesome and have been talking about how awesome my grandparents are for getting me cool stuff all week. I'm a lucky kid

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The rest of Memorial Day

After leaving the weirs, we came home and all changed in to better clothes for the 80 degree weather. Then we got ready to BBQ!

My squirt gun dad bought me in the weirs
being studly

posing in the best outdoor seating around

daddy working the smoker
mama gave us a ride around the yard so we could use our mighty squirt guns on.....well we look good posing anyway
the first smoked chicken of the season...mmmmmmmmmmmmm

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Grammy's birthday outing

So after a night's sleep to recover from Lily's party we took grammie out for her early bday celebration.

First we needed one last wagon ride (sooooo sweet)
The grands waiting for food
my new batman hat they bought me
a walk in the weirs with grampie

we decided to test the water temperature at lake Winnapasakee, first by hand
then I wanted to dip my feet (mom didn't check the weather so we were all over dressed, so the frigid temps felt "refreshing")

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Lily's bday bash (take 1)

We went to NH for Lily's first of two family bashes . I really like this big wagon.taking in the mayhem of cake and presents
finally, a solution to the noise problem!
a late evening ride with my cuz
happily pulled by grandma and Lexi

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