Friday, April 20, 2007

Sunny day

It was a BEAUTIFUL day. I fell asleep on the way to the post office, so no playground today, but when I woke up I played in mummi and papa's backyardRUNNING! (I like to twist while I run)
MMM juice break
Papa bought me this awesome velcro glove and ball. sweeeet

Overall a great day. Plus I ate so much at supper I got to have dark chocolate just like the grownups! good times!


Thursday, April 19, 2007


Mama took me for a walk to the post office, and there was a playground right next to it! I got to swing! Oh man, it was awesome!This is WAY better than that yucky playground near the house in Aldan (I mean the last two weeks I lived there the playground had been plowed under, so the fact that this one EXISTS is an improvement). Checkout the dinosaur climbing thingy.
WITH A SLIDE! Heaven. I tell you, I hope we walk to the post office alot!

Its a pretty big playground and unlike back in PA there were actually other children at the playground too. I only gave mom like 5 or so mini heartattacks, I think daddy might be a better playground buddy. On the other hand I did almost take a header off the little suspension bridge thingy when I thought it would be funny to run AWAY from mom. She nearly died. After that I wanted to walk home anyway. I got to see the lake, its half unfrozen and very awesome. Sorry there aren't more pics, mama forgot her camera and had to use the phone.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Here I am in the last days in PA, chllin on my bed, watching classical baby art on mama's laptop. Ahhh this is the life.Then daddy used this GIANT truck to haul our stuff to RI and then here to Mummi and Papa's.

Now I hang around here and mooch popcorn off of Mummi and play with toys and have random freak outs because its been quite a week of packing, driving and sleeping in my bed but not in the room I'm used to. On the other hand, I am totally spoiled, so it will all even out soon!

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Monday, April 16, 2007

New Home

We arrived in maine late late saturday. Mom keep saying we are going to live here for a while but I dont know what she is talking about. This is where Mummi and Papa live. Daddy arrived last night in the really really big yellow truck. It snowed yesterday, but today its raining, alot. Mama says we are unloading the big truck today, but so far I see no action on that front.

I'm already enjoying being spoiled by grandparents. Grammie drove with us from PA to ME. It was a loooooong ride, but I was really patient. I only burst into tears once, and then we stopped for yummy food, then I was an angel again for the last 3 or so hours, which basically meant I slept alot. Grammie played with me and spoiled me. Then I got to mummi and Papa's and they spoil me and play with me too.

I'm pretty fragile, all these long drives and being in a new place and having things in boxes. I was very confused in PA, and now things are a little hairy here. But there is good food and good company, so I will survive.

I'll keep you in the loop...