Saturday, December 03, 2005

Helena Dorothy Kay

Here is another blog of the child of some friends of ours, congratulations Jared and Diana, and welcome Helena!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

My mummi sent me a package today full of goodies!

Check it out! A Giant sock! Its so beautiful! Its soooo funny!

WOAH! Let me get this straight!! Its called a Christmas stocking? And you FILL IT WITH PRESENTS!! AWESOME!!!

Hmmm, are there presents in here now? Let's check?

Oh, I have to wait until Christmas? In ME? OK,Its cool anyway!

MMM, This calendar has chocolate! Now that is a useful calendar!!

Go Tennesee...somethings

So I recieved this fantastic outfit from the TN relatives (mom says they live there to maintain their sanity, apart from the NH/ME relatives). I wore it to church and apparently these are the colors of a TN college football team, which caused the Ohio state fans to grimace (mom was delighted, the OSU fans are whacky). At any rate, we're just glad I look so adorable, but if anyone wants to clue us in on who we should be cheering for, go ahead.

All by myself

Today I grabbed my toy and held it all by myself. Of course, my mother freaked out and took a million pictures of me doing so!

Almost, almost..

Yes, I have you now!

MMMMM So satisfying!

Sunday, November 27, 2005


MMM I had fish for thanksgiving. ha ha just kidding.

This is dave, he's carving the turkey for everyone. We ate with Dave and Kris.

This is Kris- the only time she sat down all day! She's a good cook!

I'm taking a peek at the football game on t.v.

Yum I love to chew on daddy's finger, its the best snack.

HMM where's my body???