Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Not raining, SUNNY!!

NOT RAINING! SUNNY! he tells his mama....
today, after three straight days of rain, it was sunny, and mama took us to the playground where I ran, ran ran, climbed, ran some more, down the slide,, up the slide, more running, fast's some (of the 88) pictures mama took..


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My friend turned 4, yippee

Sunday afternoon we got to go to my friend Jacob's 4th birthday party. It was cool!

Here I am in the theme party get-up: cowboy hat, nice plaid shirt and cowboy jeans. I'm a stud :)
Jacob rides the pony in his cowboy gear

Jacob's sister Ruby and daddy Josh and crazy uncle Justin
The lovely Ellie and Ruby girls
As close as I wanted to come to the pony (after talking about it NON STOP for the ENTIRE DAY, when it came to it, I told daddy it was "too big" to ride)

My version of a pony ride

Dad and I being studly in plaid

the angsty cowboy
the lovely Kays in their cowboy get-ups

my lovely friend and the blue balloon, seriously you can't draw kids any cuter than this

Monday, September 10, 2007

Grampa's birthday

Saturday we spent the day on a rental pontoon boat in honor of grampa's birthday. We had a great day!

Hannah driving the boat with Grampie

This is fun!

Grampie naps

Lexi being funny

Dad and me at the sandbar

Uncle Rj sporting his tats and chillin with Hannah Kate

Sweet family

Grampie on the boat

Sleepy boy

MMMM ice cream!

Ahhhhhh, some sun and my baseball hat, its a good day!

Relaxing with tea

Ahhh a relaxing cup of tea on a rainy afternoon. I've been very busy lately, we'll blog more later.

MMM, sharing mama's decaf earl grey (with sugar and vanilla soy milk)

Drinking tea naked, somehow very cute for a toddler

Ohhh being sweet with mama

Hamming it up with mama

A good book with some good tea, a perfect recovery afternoon!

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