Thursday, February 23, 2006

Happy halfabirthday to me!!

A little red eye, but still, I'm totally adorable!

Gee guys, way not to notice various liquids on my clothes!!

Ahhh the next attempts at a 6month pose:

Happiest baby ever!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Life at 6 months

Had fun with Logan and auntie yesterday. Mom and Auntie bought so many groceries Logan and I barely fit in the car!
Logan has this AWESOME Red Sox hat. He's the coolest!
Sporting a studly outfit. He's all style.
Me on the other hand...can you believe mom took me grocery shopping like this?!! The crazy football fan look.
She said it was because I needed a bath and she didn't feel like getting me all dressed up twice.
mmmmmm toes...fresh from the bath...

I love it! they are practically the only place she didn't put lotion on...yuck. Check out the blog later, I'm 6 months old today so mom will be taking my picture in the blue chair!

Monday, February 20, 2006


While mama was "studying" I took the oppurtunity to be mischievious. She gave me my boppy and some toys, but they weren't as interesting as the laptop plug and such things...
What? I'm not doing anything mama...just looking at your slipper
I'm so cute how can you resist!
MMM, I love the taste of sweet success!
You don't really want to study when someone so cute is around, do you?!!

Fun at Logan's

MMMM Eating Superman...Logan you are IMMENSE

Posing in my new stud outfit!

Check me out, no really, check me out!

Auntie is learning Bass so she can rock it out at church

Bonding at the Piano with Auntie...alittle fuzzy, but touching none-the-less