Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My masterpiece

I have been making more ornate lego creations lately. Like this one- CHEESE!


"Helping" Mummi

This is how I "help" mummi put socks in the sock drawer:

I dance on her bed
she gives me some socks
I throw them at her
Then finally I chuck them at the drawer

wardrobe fixup
more dancing
more throwing socks

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Helping daddy

I love helping daddy start the fire:

I start by ripping the egg crate in half

Putting the egg crate in the fireplacehelping put the wood in

daddy lights the fire
I usually say, good job daddy when the fire starts. very cute

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Yesterday I got my game face on...and wore my football gear

and some friends came over to watch the superbowl (Dan)
cousin Logan and his Auntie Kaylee

Auntie Steph made this cool cakedaddy pulling the pork apart for the pulled pork sandwiches (there were boneless ribs too and dad's homemade bbq sauce from our last outdoor bbq..mmmmmm)
though the outcome broke mama's heart, the party and the food was fabulous

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