Saturday, August 18, 2007

OOHHH, Presents!

After baseball fun there was opening presents funAn AWESOME baseball hat from Tuan and fam, (which I needed to wear right away) and this cool reverb mike from the Lafrance crew
A GUITAR, oh man, has FLAMES, flames I tell you, daddy was jealous (thanks Lafrances!)
Yes, wild animals from Mummi and Papa and a better shot of the hat (isn't it rad?)
Reading my tonka card that came with my john deere tractor from my cousins
My adoring fans, papa, Tuan, Rae, and Tyler
I didn't even have time to open my other presents from mom and dad, I was soooo thrilled with all my gifts. Mom is saving them for wednesday for my birthday actual.

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My b-day party (take one)

So I had a birthday party yesterday with some of my friends. They all came dressed in Red Sox gear or colors, and we had a rockin time!

Even Lily participated in the party theme-Go Sox

Man I was happy my favorite Phoebe came

The first round of gifts:

A bat!

My other bat

A bag of colorful baseballs


The little sluggers:




April helps Ruby

Run the bases, run run run

Papa giving Phoebe and I a fast ride

Rae and Tyler

Auntie Spring and Lily

The birthday theme on display

Blowing out the candle

Josh and Ruby

My little field of dreams, happy birthday to me!
Mama says I have another party next week- Niiiiiice!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Mama took us to the playground today as it was 72, sunny and awesome

I started on the toddler swing. Um, maybe I'm getting a little big for these!
up up to the bridge

I love to run run run

more running, back to the other side

Back to the other side again!

HA HA This Rocks



I have a good life

All that playing makes one tired

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Monday, August 13, 2007

August days

Picnic at Sebago Lake state park

Eating some Amatos Goofing off while helping mama bake
Wearing the baby's hat, I thought I was pretty darn funny
Cooking cheerios while mama finishes up the bread
MMM zucchini bread with pecans on top.

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Here I am chillin' at Helena's last week
I had a fun day
Helena is a good hostess!